Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I know it has been a while and you have my most sincere apologies. We are still trying to get everything unpacked and as soon as we get 5 boxes unpacked, it's like 10 more appear. I honestly had NO idea we had this much stuff. Most of the boxes are filled with paper though. When we got the final weight of our household goods (6,300 pounds!) I about lost it, but when everything got here I can fully attest that about 4,000 of that is packing paper! We didn't really bring any furniture with us either. Just our bed, dining room table and chairs, TV and stand, and my sewing table. So where did the other weight come from?

We have unpacked at least 30 boxes and it doesn't seem to have made any difference. I swear. The photo above was taken right after the movers left. Pardon our lunch and classy dining arrangements. We could barely get into the kitchen.

Onto other things. I finally found bedroom lamps that I am in love with! They are about a shade darker than the wallpaper so they don't blend in too much. I still have to pick up new light bulbs so everything is still wrapped up.

So I am going to go give the hubby a hand with some more boxes and hopefully we will be able to see some actual progress. We still haven't gotten the rest of our IKEA furniture since there is currently no place to put them together. Everything will come together in due time though. 

I did want to send out a GIANT thank you to Ariel for guest posting last week. Things have been beyond crazy here and I am just dying to get everything done so I can start sorting through things and organizing what I want to keep. Make sure you go check out her blog For the Love of Pinterest! It is beyond amazing and you HAVE to try her rib recipe!

Until next time - Toodles!!

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