Monday, July 2, 2012


I know it seems like I have been away for like 823691283 years and trust me, I feel that way too. But life is a little hectic right now.

Hubby recently got a job offer to head over to Afghanistan for 12 months. 12 months of sleeping by ourselves. 12 months of waking up with the pups every morning by myself. 12 months of grocery shopping for one. 12 months of lonely road trips. Plus not having him here for our Anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, our Birthdays, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, or Independence Day.

Although, once I really sat down and thought about it I came to the conclusion that although it would be a very lonely 12 months for us, I would have 12 months to pay off all our debt. 12 months to look at buying or even possibly building a new home. 12 months to get into shape and be prepared for a homecoming. Plus a good friend from Hawaii and her family will be here at the end of the month so that should make things a little easier to bear.

So I told Hubby to take the job. Of course, if he wanted to. ;) But seriously, how often does a really well paying job come along right when you need it? How often does God give you an opportunity to get to a stable financial place before you buy a home and have children? It has been my dream for years to be completely debt free before I turn 25. How amazing would it be to do it before the end of the year?!?! Plus we are planning to take a nice long vacation when he gets back. I am taking over a MONTH! Silver lining! :)

We still don't know when he will leave, but I am doing whatever I can to make sure he is ready. To help him feel like he has a say in all the day to day life once he is gone. Even though we haven't gotten pre-approved for a loan, we are already looking at paint colors and light fixtures so when it comes time for the decisions to be made, he will have helped pick them out in person, not over a computer monitor.

I am really really going to miss him though. I can't even lie to myself and say it will fly by. There are going to be lots of lonely nights. Lots of tears. Lots of missing him. But there will also be lots of cards, lots of care packages, and lots of hugs and kisses waiting for his return. I just have to keep my chin up and be brave. I will be very busy packing and looking at houses. Picking out furniture and decorating welcome home banners.

I have been spoiled rotten these last 4 months. I have gotten to spend every single day with the man I love more than anything. After having both served in the U.S. Navy, being able to just be together without having to wake up early and be at work all day has been an enormous blessing. I think that is why I am more okay with him going now. We don't have any children (besides our fur babies), we don't own our own home, and I am going to school online. This is the best time for him to go. If we were in a different place in our lives, I would have definitely said no, but we aren't. This is the right thing for our family right now. So it's what we are going with. Plus, if he hates it, he can always come home.

So I am sorry that I haven't been posting as much as I would like to, but please be mindful that we are trying to spend as much time together as we can while we still can. I will be posting a lot more once he leaves with updates, craft projects, care packages, and hopefully updates on the home search/building experience so he can see them too.

Thank you and God Bless.

Until next time - Toodles!

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